Love Alone


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released July 12, 2015

Recorded and produced by Jon Lundin at Legacy Rooms.
Album art by Halia Ratledge



all rights reserved


Echoes San Diego, California

We are Echoes, a melodic hardcore band from Southern California. Download "Love Alone", our latest release for free!

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Track Name: The Usual Failsafe
My eyes are dilated with the life in my veins, these pills are controlling my life with no end in sight. And I'm sorry mom, and I'm sorry dad.
Its hard to break away.
So I take a hit, lose my mind, every pill's a waste of time, why cant I clearly see that this is what is killing me? It is killing me, its fucking killing me.
So I'll throw it all away just to feel something artificial and my loved ones have been trapped and lost inside my persona of self hatred - and now I'm all alone. Now I'm all alone.

I won't let you relapse again, refuse to let you overdose.

When the cold air rushes in through my window and my spirit is swept away, why cant everything just be this easy?
I should have called to let you know that I wasn't coming. But now its all up to me.
I let you down, and I am facing the fact I'm alone.
Track Name: No Contrast
Why am I afraid of the world and what it has in store? If adolescence is a blessing, why am I so cursed? I've hurt myself, and those around me. I'm fearless, I'm hopeless, I step into the fucking sea.

Love alone could not save me, no contrast between my mind and reality.

The touch, the feel of the iced air on fragility. I'm sorry to say that we are breaking down, baby you're bringing me down.
So I long for the days where I'd break my isolation.

Tell me a story, one that I don't know.
Take my picture and set it aside, far from sight.
If anyone saw it, you would just be stripped of your pride.

Every day's the same, but the lonely nights are worse.
You used to hold me high, until I kicked the chair.

Quit the act and let your tongue retract, sleepless nights that come to no end. The body withers, but the soul remains. Every snake tastes the same fucking boot.

I lay in my bed, I bleed from my thighs. This hole has been dug, ties a grave for my mind.